Skoda Fabia vRS, 2004

166,000 miles, MoT until end of February 2016, fully serviced though no service history to back that claim up. Full service also due at time of MoT, as well as timing belt in 4,000 miles. Two keys, CD player with SIX CD CHANGER, goes fast and is pre-DPF so no worries about popping to the shops in it.


I’ll also need you to be a bit flexible on collection as I have to tie it in with picking up its replacement.

I Hate 5am

At 5am Sophie thinks it’s time to get up and play. I know this because I can hear the “what’s that?” noises coming from her cot.


3am is ok. At 3am I know she just wants milk and will then go back to sleep.

11pm is ok too. There’s a chance that milk won’t be enough and we’ll have to read the same book ten times in a row, but at least we can go back to bed afterwards.

No, 5am is the worst. Because even if I win the battle to get Sophie back to sleep, it’s then 6am. Which is nearly time to get up.

I hate 5am.

222 days later

Sophie is seven and a half months old now, how cool is that?

She’s into interesting stuff like TV remotes, phones, cutlery and cats. Some days she babbles, some days she will only communicate through raspberries. Most days she tries to crawl but we’ve only gone as far as the backwards shuffle.

Sophie vs Frankie

It’s true what they say though, you soon forget about the horrible first few months. Even the lack of sleep gets better, I barely remember what ten hours is like, six is plenty and seven is amazing.

Might even consider a second one at some point. I think Sophie would enjoy a sibling.

Dungeon Raid

This bad boy of connecting things with lines is probably my most played iOS game this year, though I’m too good at it now so have moved on *

It’s pretty simple, connect swords to skulls to kill them before they kill you, gold coins to buy better gear, shields to boost your armour and earn upgrades and potions to heal.

If you get to this stage you're pretty much fucked

Combined with different classes and skills you can go for different strategies to stay alive. Be it a sissy wizard who teleports out of danger and regenerates health every turn or a tough guy raider maximising risk and reward by converting money into monsters and ordering an extra serving of boss on the side.

I give this game 400 skulls out of 500.

* partly true, the raider is quite unbalanced once you unlock him.

Parenting, you’re doing it wrong

If you Google anything to do with babies you’ll quickly discover you’re doing everything wrong and are a terrible parent.

I recently risked the wrath of the internet by buying a baby carrier and using it in front-facing mode.

A quick search finds that these “crotch danglers” cause spinal problems. Or hip dysphasia. Or something bad, just don’t worry about the specifics, the Babycenter forums certainly don’t.

After all “some [members] are experts and we have done extensive research on the subject. One mama here is the relative of a paediatric orthopedist…“. Though actually, by their own admission, they’re not an expert.

I know the opinions on Babycenter are about as balanced as the Daily Mail, but much like that unholy rag it ranks dangerously well and can easily lure in innocent passers-by.

However, after deciding to err on the side of caution, I found an article on carriers with reference to actual research.

Looks like carriers aren’t so bad. Sophie even seems to like it, who would’ve thought?

Baby Carrier Yo!